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Short Information About Lord Krishna

Krishna was born 5252 years agoDate of Birth : 18 th July,3228 B.CMonth : ShravanDay : AshtamiNakshatra : RohiniDay : WednesdayTime : 00:00 A.M.Shri...

Smallest one-man helicopter in the world.

Who said you couldn't fly?The smallest one-man helicopter in the entire world was created by Gennai Yanagisawa. The GEN H-4 is a twin-rotor, 75...

Environment Care

Care for Environment makes us the Real Human Being

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Magdalena Solis and her scary cult!

In 1945, Magdalena Solis was born in Veracruz, Mexico. Due to her upbringing in a low-income family, she had little possibilities to further her...

What happened to Anjana, the mother of Hanuman, after giving birth to him?

Who is Anjana? After giving birth to Hanuman, Anjana (also called Anjani or Anjali) and her husband Kesari raised him as his parents. He had...

5 Commonly Asked Question To Gynecologists By Women Above 40 Years

In this article we are answering 5 Frequently Asked Question To Gynecologists By Women Above 40 Years Are you a female over 40 doing everything...

Why do camera flashes make your eyes turn red?

Camera flashes do not cause your pupils to dilate. Your eyes are constantly red on the inside. The bright light from the camera flash...

How Vitamins And Minerals Work?

Vitamin A Good for eyes, teeth and skin Vitamin B Good for immune function, iron absorption and energy production Vitamin C Good for strengthening blood Vessels, skin elasticity, anti-oxidant...

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