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Did You know? Cheetahs cant roar Instead meow

Cheetahs are commanding creatures, especially given their capacity to run at speeds of up to 70 miles per hour. This carnivorous mammal with striking...

Mystery behind the abandoned and haunted village of Kuldhara

Kuldhara, located 17 kilometres west of Jaisalmer, has a fascinating history. It was formerly an affluent Paliwal Brahmin village in the state of Jaisalmer,...

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What happened to Anjana, the mother of Hanuman, after giving birth to him?

After giving birth to Hanuman, Anjana (also called Anjani or Anjali) and her husband Kesari raised him as his parents. He had a tumultuous...

Why The Last Rites Should Be Performed During Daytime?

Sanatana Dharma consists of sixteen rites and rituals to follow when you are alive. The majority of religions in the world believe in burying...

10 Facts You Never Knew about Human Tears

Scientific tear-minology has its roots in lacrima, the Latin term for tears.Babies do not immediately cry.It's beneficial to cry.However, sobbing might occasionally make you...

Facts About Pregnancy

Nearly half of the 6.7 million pregnancies in the US are unplanned and of these 43% end in abortion.A women's uterus will expand about...

6 Nail Health Myths You May Have Heard That Just Aren’t True

NAIL MYTH: GEL AND ACRYLIC NAIL MANICURES CAUSE NAIL DAMAGE Whether you do it yourself or go to a salon, keep in mind that each...

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