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Human Anatomy As Per Ayurveda

FunctionsExample of DisorderRasaPlasmaImmune systemLymphatic CongestionWhite Blood cellRaktaRed Blood CellOxygenationAnemiaMamsaMuscleStrengthMuscular AtrophyProtects Organs and Joins MedaFatInsulates body heatLubricates tissuesObesityAsthiBone CartilageGives structure to body OsteoporosisMajjaBone MarrowNerve and...

Do You Really Need to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth?

While a dog's grooming routine entails a lot of fairly simple gnawing and licking, there's a pretty good chance you'll never get more than...

Environment Care

Care for Environment makes us the Real Human Being

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Why The Last Rites Should Be Performed During Daytime?

Sanatana Dharma consists of sixteen rites and rituals to follow when you are alive. The majority of religions in the world believe in burying...

Who are Aghoris? Have you heard about them!

Being in India, we most often come across them in streets, temples etc. But how often do we make an effort to know who...

Know Normal Blood Pressure by Age

AgeMinNormalMax1 to 12 months75/5090/60100/751 to 5 years80/5595/65110/796 to 13 years90/60105/70115/8014 to 19 years105/73117/77120/8120 to 24 years108/75120/79132/8325 to 29 years109/76121/80133/8430 to 34 years110/77122/81134/8535 to 39...

What Causes Dandruff And How To Get Rid Of It

Malassezia is a type of yeast that lives and dines on all over scalps. And in about half of the Human population, its...

Normal composition of blood

W.B.C - 4000-10000/Cmm.R.B.C ...

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