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Know more about Kalki Avatar

Kalki Avatar, which is dated generally to be after the Gupta Empire. In the Vedic Trimurti, Vishnu is the preserver and sustainer of...

Wild Cats Of The World: Types Of Wild Cat Species

Lioness: Cub and Lion: Tiger and White Tiger: White Lion: Leopard: Lynx: Leopard Cat: Jaguar: Cheetah: Jaguarundi: Marble Cat: Fishing Cat: Canada Lynx: Black panther: Puma: Caracal: Ocelot: Serval Cat: Also Read: Life Span Of Animals

Environment Care

Care for Environment makes us the Real Human Being

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Why The Last Rites Should Be Performed During Daytime?

Sanatana Dharma consists of sixteen rites and rituals to follow when you are alive. The majority of religions in the world believe in burying...

Who are Aghoris? Have you heard about them!

Being in India, we most often come across them in streets, temples etc. But how often do we make an effort to know who...

Did You Know That Everyone Has A Different Tongue Print Like Finger Prints?

Like fingerprints, everyone's tongue print is different. Our tongue prints also have distinct distinguishing features. Our tongue's tip has a distinctive physiological texture and...

Difference Between C-Section Vs. Normal Delivery

C-Section: A caesarean section is a surgical operation that is used to remove the baby from your uterus. A surgical cut is made through your abdominal...

10 Facts You Never Knew about Human Tears

Tears are produced in the lacrimal glands (tear ducts) that are in the outer corners of your eyelids. These glands produce tears from your...

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