Is it true that pressing your breasts is good for your health?

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It is well understood that in order to be healthy and happy, you must be in sync with your body. Being in sync with your body entails being constantly mindful of giving your body what it requires, which necessitates being completely comfortable and aware of every body part. For centuries, our breasts, which aren’t even sexual organs by nature, have been sexualized for a variety of reasons.

One of the most significant and obvious consequences of this has been women’s discomfort with the over-visibility of these organs. So much so that women can go years without noticing if something is wrong with their reproductive organs or breasts, resulting in women not noticing cancerous lumps in their breasts. So, ladies, if you haven’t been pressing your breasts on a regular basis, now is the time. Breast pressing could not only help you detect cancerous lumps early on, but it could also save your life!

When it comes to sexual health information, there is a lot of misinformation out there, and some of it is even passed down from your mother! We’re here to help you understand some common myths and realities about pressing breasts and whether pressing breasts is good for your health.


1) Breast pressing increases breast size

Touching or pressing the breasts will NOT cause them to grow. There is a lot of misinformation about breast development, which leads to young girls using creams and massages just to get bigger breasts. Breast growth and size are determined by genes and hormones.

2) Breast squeezing or pressing causes cancer.

One of the most bizarre myths is that squeezing or pressing the breasts or nipples can cause breast cancer. If you press too hard, you may experience pain or soreness, but you will not develop cancer.


1) It can assist in the early detection of cancer

Women should have yearly or biannual breast examinations, as recommended by doctors, to ensure that everything is normal. Women and their partners must regularly press and massage their breasts in order to detect any lumps that may turn out to be cancerous and even fatal if detected in the later stages.

2) Breast pressing can even prevent cancer

According to a recent UC Berkeley study, mechanical force can actually stop the rapid growth of cancerous cells and guide them back to a normal pattern. If this is pursued further, we may be able to make a breakthrough in cancer prevention by simply pressing or applying physical force, as well as aid in cancer treatment.

3) Breast pressing relieves stress and makes you happy

If you’ve ever come home from a long, tiring, stressful day and just sat down to rest and regroup, pressing your breasts by cupping them in your hand is the next best thing to do. If you’re a woman, you’ve probably done this before and know how relieving and relaxing it is. If you haven’t, set aside whatever device you’re reading this on and give yourself a stress relief break by pressing your breasts.

4) May result in improved sexual stimulation

You’ll be surprised to learn that breast orgasms exist. Breasts are extremely sensitive and stimulating erogenous zones; pressing, massaging, and even slowly licking them could help your partner experience great sexual pleasure while also adding a blindfold to the picture. You could intensify your sensations, resulting in a nipple-gasm.

To summarise, pressing the breasts is beneficial to one’s health. Introduce it as a healthy practise not only in your daily activities for good health, but also before going to bed for better stimulation and sexual pleasure.

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