Why The Last Rites Should Be Performed During Daytime?

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Sanatana Dharma consists of sixteen rites and rituals to follow when you are alive. The majority of religions in the world believe in burying their dead. Hindus believe in burning the dead body after performing certain rituals. The reason behind burning the deceased is to purify the body before it continues its journey as a new person. The Vedic Scriptures lays stress on performing funeral rites before sunset Moreover, It explains the various consequences that may arise if a person burned after sunset Following are some consequences mentioned in the Garuda Purana: Cremating a person after death can lead to affecting the new life of the person. To clarify, a person burned after sunset may suffer from physical or mental disability in the next life. According to Sanatana Dharma, the gates of heaven are open till sunset. After dawn, it is difficult for the soul to enter heaven, forced to go to hell. It is because Hindus preach Aditya gods, which are active during the daytime. After the sunset, Pyshachas are active.

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