Facts About The End Of The World In Sussex

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The coastline of Sussex Beachy Head is frequently referred to as “The End of the World,” but it also has a lot of other amazing facts that make it an intriguing place.

The world doesn’t really come to an end there

Pictures of the area that show the cliff edge as the end of the earth have proliferated on the internet, which has sparked debate among people who think the earth is flat. Beachy Head, on the other hand, is a chalk headland in East Sussex, England, close to the town of East Bourne, with a walkable beach and the sea beyond it. This implies that the landscape of our world has not yet reached its conclusion.

End Of The World In Sussex

The sea chalk cliff is the tallest in all of Britain

With their 162-meter height above the water, the chalky cliffs provide breathtaking views of the surrounding sea and beyond. They also make for one of the most picturesque walking routes in the south-east of England, sweeping across the Seven Sisters all the way to East Bourne. The Great Hangman on Exmoor, with a height of 244 meters, is the cliff that is the tallest in all of England.

Sussex England

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