DO YOU KNOW? Turtles Cannot Come Out Of Their Shell

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Turtles are silent and modest creatures with shells comprised of bone and part of the spine that cover their bodies. The United States is home to more than 50 species of freshwater and terrestrial turtles, accounting for 18% of the world’s turtle population. The majority of these species are located in the country’s southernmost region, which has a milder environment.

If you’ve ever wondered if a turtle can survive without its shell, the answer is no, and we’ll explain why. The armoured shell of a turtle protects it from predators. When frightened, a pet turtle will bury its head, legs, and tail behind its shell, and this is exactly what these reptiles do in the wild.

To help you understand more about turtles and their shells, we’ve compiled answers to some of the most often asked questions.

What Happens If a Turtle Loses its Shell?

A turtle’s bodily parts will physically split apart if it loses its shell due to a predator or an accident. Unfortunately, the turtle will die fast since the shell is a portion of its body that it cannot survive without.

How Do Turtles Lose Their Shells?

Turtles can lose their shells as a result of accidents or predation. For example, if a turtle crossing a busy road is hit by a car, the turtle’s shell may break off partially. If a predator, such as a fox, attacks a turtle, the predator may remove the turtle’s shell in pursuit of the edible meat lying beneath it.

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