Everyone wants to take a Selfie with Beautiful Nature, but no one wants to clean

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Taking pictures with the beautiful background adds sweet memory in the frame. Is keeping our environment clean so difficult when everyone wants to do? Is the educated society educated to dirty? Does keeping only our home clean by dirtying Nature makes us Human?

Benefits of clean Nature

Clean Nature keeps us healthy, we can get fresh and clean air, water, food etc. A clean environment can also be tourist attractions. Related to this there can many advantages which may flow like a river. Everyone knows that we must keep our environment clean, but why don’t we initiate? Initiate through reading this!

Clean Environment
Clean Environment
Dirty Environment
Dirty Environment

How can we do it?

  • Dustbin Installation: Dustbins are really important. People who are civilized use dustbins rather than throwing on the ground. If you don’t have dustbins in your area, please ask the authority or do a charity.
  • Bring a bag. Remember to bring reusable bags to the grocery store or for any other shopping activities to reduce consumption of disposable bags.
  • Shop in bulk. Consider the product-to-packaging ratio when purchasing items and choose larger containers instead of multiple smaller ones. When you have the option, also consider purchasing package-free foods and household goods. It can reduce plastic bag consumption.
  • Bring your own reusable cup. Think about how many disposable cups are used every day in just your local coffee shop. Bringing a mug for your morning coffee can reduce the amount of waste you produce annually. Imagine how much waste we could reduce if we all made this simple daily change! (Please don’t think what other’s say, do it for the Environment)
  • Make sure your waste goes to the right place. Do your best to ensure that the waste you dispose of ends up where it should. Recycle the materials that are recyclable in your area and make sure to reduce the likelihood of your garbage ending up in the environment by keeping a lid on your trash can when it’s outside.
  • Compost. Composting at home reduces the volume of garbage sent to landfills and reduces the chance of some products becoming marine debris.
  • STUDENT INVOLVEMENT: Children in school must be taught the importance of a clean environment practically. They must be graded based on the activities towards Nature. Half-yearly they must be taken out to clean public places like bus stands, market places, and other public places.
  • Spread Greenery: Plants produces oxygen, therefore we can get more clean air. Sow the seeds, grow the plants as much as possible.
  • Control the usage of Plastics click here
  • Control pollution click here
  • Control Population: Less the Human Population less is the pollution, less is the unemployment, deforestation, saves time, no much-processed food, less plastic used, more freedom to animals, healthy life, no much stress, less poverty etc (think yourself the benefits). Maximum of two children per couple should be the rule. More importance should be given to adopting a child.
  • As much as possible avoid dirtying the environment in your ways unless you are in-human.

The Nature Needs You. Involve People, call volunteers, raise fund, BE THE HUMAN. Share your ideas.

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