Let’s ‘Go Green’- Pollution Reduction- Article I

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Everyone wants to live in clean and green environment, don’t we? Hardly people do beneficiary to it. Let’s read down the article to how can we encourage the Clean Environment process.

Promote Cycling: Everyone knows that cycling is a good exercise and doesn’t pollute the environment. The short distance (say 5kms or less) can be traveled by cycle. People who do not know cycling can travel by walk or other vehicles. So people who really care about the environment let’s promote cycling.

  • Cycle/ bi-cycle is fuel-free, thus its pollution-free.
  • Cycling is good exercise and has lots of health benefits.
  • Buying a bicycle is way cheaper than any other vehicle. And the maintenance cost is much low.
  • Cycling can reduce traffic, therefore reduce noise pollution.
  • Saves space for parking.
  • The pollution by vehicles causes harm to all living beings as well as the Ozone Layer.
  • Breathing healthy oxygen without any pollution content keeps us all in a healthy condition
  • If Everyone adopts cycling it can reduce much air pollution, as well as road accidents.
  • Road Damages also will be less.
  • Cycling doesn’t put us in shame but makes us proud that we care for nature.

So people please join us to build a pollution free environment.

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