Let’s Go Green- (Article II) Reduce Polythene

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Living in a clean and green environment is beneficial to us all. What do we do? Polythene bags are known to be most helpful to mankind but crucial for the environment, so we have to stop polythene usage.

  • Polythene bags can be reused again and again, but when it comes for a dirty polythene bags especially after carrying fish/ meat they are likely to be stinky and can’t be reused.
  • So people who are concerned for the environment please carry a plastic container of a particular size to bring the meat or fish, containers can be washed and used again, so that there is no throw away of polythene bags.
  • The other polythene bags which get dirty through mud, food can be washed, dried, and reused. The torn, oily or un-reusable bags can be put to recycle.
  • Polythene bags/ plastic cups-plates and others harm our environment. People dump them in the river banks or on lands, which destroy the living of aquatic as well as the land animals.
  • It takes a couple of decades or more to decompose plastic/polythene bags and damages the soil.
  • Some people even burn plastic bags which is destruction for the Ozone Layer.
  • Plastic cups-plates or anything that harms our ecosystem should be replaced with organic or recyclable material.

What should we do:

  • Use Reusable plates, cups, or bags.
  • Do not litter plastics or anything that harms the surroundings. Use dustbins. Support installment of dustbins every 2kms at least.
  • Follow Reduce-Reuse-Recycle. Reduce the use of Plastics, if used reuse as much as possible, Recycle if can’t be used but do not dump. So we need to Support the Recyclers.
  • Use carry bags that are made of reusable materials like washable cellulose bags, cloth bags, jute bags, etc.
  • Carry plastic container boxes or anything that can be washed, to buy fish or meat. (read above)

Let Polythene Bags/sheets free be our dream for the environment, so that all living beings live a beautiful life.

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