Where Did The Name Mercedes Come From?

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Mercedes-Benz has an incredibly complicated past that includes numerous partnerships and name changes. Daimler, Benz, and Maybach are likely names you are already familiar with if you are a Mercedes-Benz enthusiast, but where did the word Mercedes originate?

The first four-cylinder street cars in the history of the world were created and sold in 1890 by Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach. Daimler unfortunately passed just 10 years after the company’s founding, but his legacy as one of the most significant in Mercedes-Benz history.

Gottlieb Daimler

The car that the father of the 11-year-old girl who provided the inspiration for the name Mercedes acquired was developed by Wilhelm Maybach, who worked as Daimler’s head engineer. Automobiles that cost more than $250,000 are now associated with Maybach. Beginning with the founding of Daimler in 1890, the brand has come to stand for the highest level of luxury in the automotive industry.

Wilhelm Maybach

Emil Jillinek’s daughter was named Mercedes-Jellinek. Emil would buy Daimler vehicles, modify them, and race them, much like how AMG got its start. Emil started working with Wilhelm Maybach to build cars that offered better performance and dependability after gaining credibility. The first Mercedes was created in 1900. It was the moniker that Jellinek’s daughter Mercedes gave to a customized automobile. One of the first “modern vehicles” in the history of the planet, it had 35 horsepower.

Mercedes Jellinek

One of the most well-known names connected with Mercedes-Benz is certainly Karl Benz. Karl Benz was developing his line of automobiles at the same time as Daimler was. Karl Benz, one of the finest automotive engineers of all time, is often credited with developing the combustion engine. In order to develop the company Mercedes-Benz, Benz and Daimler united in 1926.

Karl Benz

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