Types Of Road Lines That You Should Know

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1) Broken White Line in Road


A broken white line gives you permission to change lanes, overtake and take U-turns.

2) Continuous White Line


On this road, you are not allowed to overtake other vehicles or take U-turns. If you are on this type of road, just keep moving straight.

3) Continuous Yellow Line

On such roads, overtaking is allowed but only when you are on your side. Crossing the yellow line isn’t permitted for either side.

4) Double Continuous Yellow Line

A Double Continuous Yellow line implies that crossing the line is strictly not permitted for either side. So that implies no overtaking, no U-turns or no lane changes.

5) Broken Yellow Line

You are allowed to overtake, take U-turns and you could do both while going over the line (Provided it is safe to do so).

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