Your Sleeping Position Reveals These Personality Traits

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Do you have a reason for doing this? Why do you support yourself? Why do you use a pillow to sleep? As a result of your preferred sleeping position, we can now tell you about your personality.

Numerous research have been carried out to determine the relationship between our sleeping positions and our personalities by sleep psychologists and experts from around the world. Our subconscious is the driving force behind all of the things that we do throughout the day, including how we walk, what kind of coffee we drink, how we fall asleep, etc. Even though we frequently are not aware of how we are sleeping, we just curl up in our preferred sleeping posture. Dunkell, however, has done a lot of ground-breaking research on the relationship between sleeping postures and personality traits. The way we sleep is the way we live, according to sleep researcher Samuel Dunkell in his book Sleep Positions.

Sleeping Position:

If you sleep on your back, You love being the centre of attention, your sleeping personality suggests. You are a positive person who values the company of others who share your interests. In a gathering full of people, people tend to notice your bold, powerful presence. You don’t get involved in small conversation, things that don’t live up to your expectations, or things that don’t have your back. You have very high standards for both yourself and other people.

You are more inclined to tell the truth than to embellish a lie. You put in a tonne of painstaking effort and perseverance tremendous reach your objectives. You have a success-driven mindset and have a structured life. When you’re lying in bed, you really appreciate your “me-time” because you can see your plans coming to fruition.

A free spirit may choose to lie on their back in the royal posture. Flat-back sleepers have regal tendencies and behave like a “queen” or “king” of the day and night. They radiate freedom, acceptance of the world, and self-assurance. Compared to other sleeping habits, they are discovered to be more open-minded and seekers of experiences or sensations.

Chris Idzikowsk, a sleep researcher, further categorises sleeping on one’s back as “soldier

People who sleep in the soldier posture, with their legs straight and their arms at their sides, are typically quiet and reserved but hold high standards.

One who sleeps with their arms and legs spread out like a starfish is an excellent listener who values friendships and does not like to be the focus of attention. They are the type of folks who “go with the flow.” They are so sympathetic and encouraging. They are typically observed listening to someone who is relating their problems.

One who sleeps in the stargazer posture, with both hands raised under their head or pillow, is very upbeat and devoted to their friends, family, and loved ones. They lead carefree lives and have a positive outlook on everything.

Sleeping Position: On your sides

If you sleep on your back, You love being the center of attention, your sleeping personality suggests. You are a positive person who values the company of others who share your interests. In a gathering full of people, people tend to notice your bold, powerful presence. You don’t get involved in small conversation, things that don’t live up to your expectations, or things that don’t have your back. You have very high standards for both yourself and other people.

People who stretch their arms out when they sleep frequently long for a close connection with someone, but secretly they are also afraid they won’t find it. They tend to live rather logical lives. They also frequently demonstrate dual openness to new experiences and strong suspicion of others, making them complicated people. They don’t readily accept or modify their views about other individuals. They typically take a while to decide, but once they do, they will adhere to their own opinions and judgments.

It has been discovered that people who sleep on their sides with a pillow clutched or tucked between their legs are incredibly helpful people who place a higher value on relationships than other facets of life. You want to have a strong link with your loved ones, your partner, or your family members just as much as you want to cuddle up with a pillow at night. When you’re sleeping with someone, you’re most likely to hug them or wrap your arms or legs around them. You are also incredibly nurturing and compassionate.

According to sleep researcher Chris Idzikowsk’s findings, people who sleep on their side in the log position with both their legs and arms extended more trusting and receptive to life’s experiences. They could

It has been discovered that those who sleep on their side with one arm either tucked beneath their pillow or against their cheek are natural thinkers. You are aware of your feelings, whether they be favourable or negative. You accept them and behave appropriately. Although you appear to have a hard, cold appearance, you actually have a sensitive nature. Additionally, you’d be a great friend or companion.

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Sleeping Position: Fetal

Your sleeping personality reveals that you desire understanding and caring from others, seek safety, and prefer to sleep in the foetal position. The foetal sleeping posture resembles how a baby would cuddle up. You can disengage from the problems of the outside world by sleeping in the foetal position. You are a reserved individual who does not readily open up. You’re not very good at trusting people. They appear to be tough on the outside, yet they are actually quite sensitive.

When one sleeps in the foetal position, they are most at ease with their family or other significant figures in their upbringing. They are a quiet, empathetic, innocent, forgiving person with a clear conscience. They like activities that don’t demand them to be around a lot of people. They mostly engage in self-expression through painting, drawing, writing, dancing, etc.

Samuel Dunkell, a sleep scientist, first proposed the foetal sleeping posture in the 1970s. He noticed that foetal position sleepers tend to be more emotional and agitated. They are typically stuffy and uninterested in living life on the run. People who slept fully foetal during research revealed sentiments of abandonment when they were up. Additionally, according to Chris Idzikowsk, a sleep researcher, persons who sleep in the foetal position have a tendency to be reserved among strangers or in unfamiliar environments, but with the appropriate company, they may easily relax.

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Sleeping Position: On your stomach

If you like to sleep on your stomach, your sleeping personality describes you as a strong-willed, adventurous, risk-taker, high-spirited, problem-solving type of person. You are deemed capable of inspiring others or providing advice. You strongly prefer getting a full eight hours of sleep, if not more, to be awake and rested.

You are a friendly person who occasionally comes across as chilly or rude. You avoid conflict at all costs. You’ll look for the middle ground between any two extremes. You enjoy being admired and are a social butterfly. When you are at your best, you exude a warm and pleasant aura. However, since you are a terrible self-critic, accepting criticism from others makes you feel much worse.

Dunkell, a sleep expert, claims that stomach sleepers often exhibit compulsive, impulsive, nervous, and rigid behaviour. They are discovered to be insecure about themselves or to lack self-confidence. According to studies, those who sleep on their stomach are more likely to hold positions in management, banking, or accounting.

A stomach sleeping posture can also be referred to as a freefall or skydiver position if the person has their hands on or near the pillow and their head is turned to one side (either left or right). They are always ready for an adventure and have a fun, free-spirited nature. They don’t hold back, so occasionally they might come out as somewhat brash, especially when confronted with criticism or extremes. According to Chris Idzikowsk, a sleep researcher, freefall sleepers have been discovered to be gregarious people.

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