Some Very Old Technologies From The Past That Look Strange Today

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1. Device that, 300 years ago, allowed to keep up to 7 books open at the same time.

2. Motorized skates being used by a seller in California in 1961.

3. Bicycles on the feet.

4. Helmet to protect yourself from distractions (1925).

5. Shotgun used to hunt ducks: it could kill up to 50 birds at a time and was banned in the late 1860s.

6. 5 MB hard drive being put into an airplane (1956).

7. Device used to listen to distant aircraft before the invention of radar(1921).

8. The diving suitoldest in the world (1860).

9. Shelter used as protection against landslides during World War II bombing.

10. Kodak K-24 camera, used by the Americans for aerial photography in World War II.

11. Tower known as Telefontornet in Stockholm, Sweden, with approximately 5,500 telephone lines (1890).

12. One Wheel Motorcycle (1925).

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