Smallest one-man helicopter in the world.

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Who said you couldn’t fly?
The smallest one-man helicopter in the entire world was created by Gennai Yanagisawa. The GEN H-4 is a twin-rotor, 75 kg (165 lb) aluminum-framed helicopter with two 10 hp engines. Each engine features a clutch, starter, carburetor, and independent ignition. Since it can fly with just one engine, the likelihood of an engine failure completely is slim.

But it also includes a ballistic parachute for extra security. Take a seat and grasp the control bar in front of you to pilot the helicopter. A tachometer, starter, and throttle lever are visible on the handlebar. You pull the handle backward to fly forward. Push the handle forward to move forward. Fly right or left by turning the handle in either direction. The ascent and descent are managed by the throttle lever. The fastest possible flight speed is 50 kph ( 31 mph)

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