During What Era Did Humans Have The Worst Hygiene Practices

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The community restrooms in ancient Rome have to be the least hygienic facilities ever. The ancient Roman latrines were more of a gathering spot than a place to relieve oneself. There were long wooden benches with holes in them in the public restrooms. It is thought to have had water running beneath them.

Prepare yourself for the shock of your life: the SPONGE they used was also communal. After using the restroom, they would clean themselves with a sponge that was hooked to a pole. After finishing, everyone would clean themselves with the same sponge. The sponge that was affixed to a stick was called a xylospongium, and it resembled this. The sponge was kept immersed in vinegar or salt water. Since the poor did not even have access to communal toilets, they were forced to use the little stones, which would have paid if you had been wealthy at the time. Some wealthy people would send their attendants ahead of time to warm the toilet seat for them.

Open toilets would draw rats and other rodents, and someone’s unfortunate bottom would have to take a rodent friend’s kiss. The development of methane was noticed to be another issue. Some people occasionally had explosive defecation as a result of methane buildups and subsequent igniting.

Many jokingly remark that it took sorcery and good fortune for people to escape the Roman latrines unharmed. While about their daily business, people in the ancient Roman era would actually pray to the Roman goddess of luck, Fortuna, for protection.

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