Bhangarh Fort – The Most Haunted Fort In Rajasthan

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One such location where you may see signs telling you not to stay after sunset is Bhangarh Fort. The fort, which has a 17th-century history, is undoubtedly not a place for the weak of heart. Here are some terrifying details about this fort that you should be aware of if you intend to visit it soon.

Although many claim to be troubled by a sense of uneasiness and that they frequently feel restless and agitated, you may be awed by its magnificent architecture while you are here. Some visitors even mentioned that they occasionally have an odd sense of paranoia, as if someone is watching them. Despite its fame, there is a reason why visitors do not stay on the fort’s grounds for an extended period of time.

No visit after sunset

A nighttime visit or stay inside Bhangarh Fort is utterly prohibited. In fact, the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has even placed signs warning against lingering on the property after dusk and before sunrise at various locations in Bhangarh. Anyone who managed to enter the fort at night, according to the locals, never came out alive. This is because it is thought that ghosts walk the fort at night, which makes the area a hotspot for paranormal activity.

According to history, a monastery by the name of Guru Balu Nath cursed the fort at Bhangarh. The sage used to meditate on the site where the fort now stands. When the king begged him to let him build a fort there, the sage consented—with one caveat—that the fort’s shadow not fall on him. The king convinced him that the fort’s shadow wouldn’t touch him there, but tragically, it did, and the hermit’s curse ensued, which caused the destruction of the entire hamlet.

It’s really strange to see that every home in the neighborhood lacks a roof. The sage who cursed the village to its eventual destruction is thought to be to blame. Locals claimed in reference to this that it is impossible to build a roof on these houses and that even if one is erected, it will collapse, and that similar tragedies had killed numerous people in the past.

There are many spooky tales about Bhangarh’s unfortunate visitors. The people think that because of the agony and suffering that have marked its past, terrible disaster and accidents have occurred. Locals reportedly mentioned that three daredevils once chose to stay on the grounds of Bhangarh Fort after sundown to determine whether it was actually haunted. Despite having a torch, one of them nonetheless fell into a deep well before being rescued by his companions, who hurried to take him to the hospital. But it appears to have been preordained because all three of them passed away in a car accident while they were travelling to the hospital.

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