Mystery behind the abandoned and haunted village of Kuldhara

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Kuldhara, located 17 kilometres west of Jaisalmer, has a fascinating history. It was formerly an affluent Paliwal Brahmin village in the state of Jaisalmer, some 300 years ago. The wicked eyes of Salim Singh, the state’s powerful and debauched prime minister, fell on the village head’s daughter, and he wished to marry her by force, according to history. If the town would not follow his will, he threatened them with dire repercussions. The Paliwals gathered a council instead of adhering to the tyrant’s orders, and residents from 85 villages deserted their ancestral homes and vanished.

But that wasn’t all before they left, they cursed Kuldhara, saying that no one would ever be allowed to live in their village again. The settlement has remained desolate to this day, practically exactly as its residents abandoned it centuries ago. Strange paranormal phenomena are also believed to have chased away persons who attempted to stay there at night.

Another, more reasonable explanation is that Salim Singh increased taxes to the point that the local people could no longer exist in the hamlet and opted to relocate to greener pastures. People, on the other hand, like the first story; after all, who doesn’t like a little romance and intrigue in their stories?

Kuldhara is a barren, lonely place that brings pain to the heart when one thinks the unfortunate people who were forced to leave their ancestral homeland.

Kuldhara today is maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India as a heritage site.

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