Why We ‘hoist’ The Flag On August 15 But Unfurl’ It On January 26

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  • India will commemorate its 75th anniversary of independence this year. At the Red Fort, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will raise the flag.
  • The Tricolor is raised by the Prime Minister after being folded and positioned in the center or lower portion of the flagpole. Honoring the first anniversary of India’s independence from colonial authority is the goal of this action.
  • The flag is tied to the top of the flag pole on Republic Day, or January 26, and is then raised by the president. This shows that India has already achieved independence. Moreover, the flag does not need to be raised.
  • The President, who serves as the head of government and is also known as the first citizen of India, hoists the it while the Prime Minister serves as the head of the government. The Red Fort is where the hoisting takes place, and Rajpath is where the unfurling takes place.

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