What The Tiny Holes In Eyelids Really Do?

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There is a tiny hole on the underside of your eyelids that can be seen if you look closely at your eyes. Have you ever questioned its purpose or the logic behind its placement in your inner eyelids?

This is called lacrimal punctum, a tiny hole, is actually entirely normal. Each of a human being’s eyes contains two lacrimal puncta. This little hole differs in size depending on the individual, much like our hair, skin tone, and height do.

Some people find it easy to notice the small hole in their eyelids, while others find it difficult to do so.

Our eyes’ guttering and drainage system includes the lacrimal punctum, which is responsible for removing tears from our eyes. The lacrimal punctum drains tears into the lacrimal sac if your tear duct begins to generate them due to overjoy, sadness, or something as simple as when dust gets in your eyes. Later on, the lacrimal sac will send your tears through the lacrimal duct and into your nose.

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