Namib- Where The Deserts Met The Sea

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Namibia’s coastal desert is situated in the continent of Africa’s southwest. The main draws of this UNESCO World Heritage Site are the tall sand dunes of the Namib Desert and the location where the desert meets the sea. There is more to it than what is known, though.

Some of the highest and most impressive dunes in the world, with colours ranging from pink to brilliant orange, may be found in the Southern Namib desert. These sand dunes extend all the way to the Atlantic Ocean’s edge. One of the strangest images is the cool sea lapping against the Namib desert’s sand dunes.

Even though the seacoast stretches for hundreds of miles, Swakopmund is one of the best spots to witness these dunes. The largest seaside town in Namibia is known as Swakop, and it is a popular vacation destination for Namibians.

Beautiful ancient German Colonial buildings can be seen all across the city, showcasing the city’s strong German heritage and creating an even more striking contrast for this town on the border of the Namib Desert. The Skeleton Coast and the Namib desert in general can be seen from here by a helicopter ride.

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