Names Of Lord Hanuman

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The gods in the Vedic pantheon have many names, each of which carries the essence of some noble trait, attribute, or symbolises one of the deity’s deeds. Hanuman is also known by other names:

  • Pavanasuta or Maruti: Wind’s Son God Vayu
  • Mangalamurti: Mars’ personification “Mangala” is the Vedic astrological name for Mars; “murti” means “face, image.”
  • Anjaneya: Anjana’s son Kesari Nandan: Kesari Panchamukha’s son Anjaneya is a five-faced woman. Hanuman
  • Vajranga Bali – Someone with indestructible strength, who cannot be broken. It consists of the following words: “vajra” – “lightning, arrow, indestructible”; “anga” – “body part, limb”; and “Bala” – “strength, courage, power.”
  • Vira, Mahavira, and Mahabala: Personifications of exceptional strength and courage.
  • Chiranjivi ‘Immortal According to various versions of the Ramayana, Rama blessed Hanuman with immortality; he will remain on earth as long as the memory of Rama’s glorious deeds is alive.
  • Kurupsundar- Having an unappealing outward appearance but an inner beauty: “kurup” means “ugly,” and “sundar” means “beautiful.”
  • Kamarupine (“rupine” – “visible, in a visible form”; “kama” – “desire”) – He can change at will, shrinking to the size of an atom and expanding to infinity.

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