Indian Biryani Varieties By State

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Kashmiri Jammu and Kashmir Biryani

Saffron, spices, nuts and mutton.

Mughlai Delhi

Curd marinated chicken, almond paste, ghee, chillies and nuts

Hyderabadi Biryani Telangana

Fried onions, spicy chicken, mint leaves, rose water

Kolkata West Bengal

Mild mutton with potatoes and soft boiled eggs

Awadhi Uttar Pradesh

Chicken, rice cooked separately Whole spices, curd and turmeric

Thalassery/Malabar – Kerala

Uses short Kaima rice with Kerala spices. ghee, fish/prawns/chicken

Ambur Tamil Nadu

Dried chilli paste with whole spices Eaten with brinjal curry

Beary Karnataka

Subtle flavor of fennel, coconut cloves, cinnamon, coriander, ghee

Kamrupi Assam

Chicken with peas, carrots. beans, potato, bell peppers

Memoni – Gujarat

A very spicy variety with tomatoes. potatoes and natural coloring

Bombay Maharashtra

Irani inspired cuisine with golden onions, cardamoms, plum prunes

Goan Fish – Goa

Light variety with mackerel fish. spices, grated coconut and black kokum

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