Facts you need to know about semen

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A typical male ejaculate is only about half a tea spoon although it doesn’t seem much. It can still result in a successful pregnancy. While women is born with all the eggs they’ll ever have. Men function differently, production of sperm doesn’t stop as you get older. Even though it takes only 1 sperm to fertilize women egg. The tiny cell has tough competition. Sperms are only human cells produced in 1 individual, designed for survival for another.

When semen is first ejaculated, it is a gel .It transforms into liquid afterward. Sperms can live up-to 5 days inside a vagina depending on how friendly the vagina is. A compound in a semen known as “spermine” is and antioxidant known to smooth wrinkles and elevated acne. A dead sperm can still make babies. Only a bit more than half the semen in and average ejaculation can swim, and up-to 70-90% are not ideally shaped for swimming.

It is normal for men to have abnormal sperm infarct, some reports state that 90% of sperm in a mans ejaculate is deformed. It can take 75 days grow sperm. semen is so chock full of nutrients, it is a wonder that people font eat more of it. We usually refer to sperm as swimmers, but most of them cant swim straight to save their lives.

Frequent ejaculation improves sperm quality. Semen is mostly water and is only about 1% sperm. seminal fluid is the sperms sacred protector, helps sperms to do their biological mission. It is protected from your bodies immune system so that your own body doesn’t attack it as a foreign substance. It also contains protein, same kind found in egg whites.

Semen prevents preeclampsia, it is a pregnancy complication characterized by high blood pressure and signs of damage to other organ system such as kidney or the liver.

Obesity lowers sperm count and Quality. Sperm comes from three male structure in the male reproductive anatomy. The first is the prostate then the seminal vesicles and the testicles.

If a man doesn’t have an active sex life and he also doesn’t masturbate that often, the sperm that was stored in released and then absorbed into a man’s body. Exposure to semen has the tremendous potential to lower symptoms of depression. Sperm will either carry a female ‘X’ chromosomes or a male ‘Y’ chromosomes-not both. Some women are allergic to semen.

British spies in world war I used semen as invisible ink. Wireless technology can damage sperm. When you get a vasectomy you still ejaculate, almost the same amount of fluid as before the operation.

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