7 Things You Do That Your Dog Actually Hates

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communicating with them

A little friendly woofing is entertaining, but April Olshavsky, an AKC-accredited Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and professional trainer, warns that barking at your dog repeatedly, especially if you are becoming louder and louder, can be frightful to your dog. Dogs don’t comprehend what “talking” is, she claims. “Just because you’re raising your voice volume doesn’t guarantee the dog understands what you’re saying. And shouting at them to make them quiet doesn’t help; in fact, your dog can start barking even more since they think you’re trying to play a game.

Sharing with them toys and snacks

Early on, humans are taught to share their possessions, but Olshavsky claims that while this is polite behaviour for young children, it is not for dogs. She says, “Dogs really like to have things that belong just to them. So even while you might think it’s charming to “share” a stuffed animal from your childhood or “borrow” your dog’s favourite chew toy—and they might let you do it because you’re the boss—doing so, she says, makes them very sad.

assuming that a dog’s tail will wag when it’s happy

Jack Russell Terrier standing in a park

Askleand explains that although dogs use their tails to indicate a variety of emotions, including states other than happiness, this is one of the most widespread misconceptions about dogs. According to her, a slow, stiff, side-to-side wag with the tail straight up indicates that a dog is attentive rather than eager, but a tucked-in tail indicates timidity and submission. “Dogs that are content will wag their tails fast and loosely at a neutral level. The helicopter tail, which is exactly what it sounds like, has the best tail. This indicates that they are overjoyed.

providing your dog with the newest technology and toys

There are so many wonderful goods made specifically for dogs, like toys, TVs, and specialty feeders. But despite the fact that you might want to buy them all for your greatest furry friend, Askeland asserts that dogs don’t actually require or even want any of that items. In fact, she claims that giving kids too many toys, especially ones that move or make noise, can cause overstimulation. A dog that is overexcited will frequently respond by hiding or destroying items, which is something you don’t want them to do. Your dog prefers spending time with their favourite human over any gadget.

Patting their head

You can pet your dog on the head because she respects and loves you and knows you are in charge. Dogs generally detest having their heads patted, according to Marrs. Anyone who is not you should take note of this twice. She says that, especially when the human is standing over the dog, as most people do, giving a head pat to a dog might seem unpleasant and threatening. Instead? Dogs prefer it when you get on all fours and wait for them to approach. And avoid head pats while caressing other dogs; instead, give them chin or chest scratches.

Dressing them up

A poodle wearing a sweater and matching pom-pom booties is the cutest thing ever. Although their people like dressing up the dogs, the dogs don’t find it to be as much fun. According to McCue-McGrath, “clothing frequently alter the appearance of the dog, and many dogs detest the texture and odour of the clothes.” Additionally, she continues, they really don’t need extra gear for protection unless the weather is extreme.

Hurrying them through a walk

Dogs use their noses to perceive the world, and sniffing about is how they maintain contact. Therefore, McCue-McGrath advises that you should allow your dog meander and take in the sights and smells rather than making them travel quickly without stopping. Sniffy walks give your dog a chance to check their “pee-mail,” get up on all the local dog gossip, or see what wild animal passed by only a few hours earlier, according to the author. While you’re at it, emulate your dog and take a moment to unwind and enjoy the scenery.

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