Difference Between C-Section Vs. Normal Delivery

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A caesarean section is a surgical operation that is used to remove the baby from your uterus.

A surgical cut is made through your abdominal wall and uterus and the baby is pulled through this opening. You are usually awake during the procedure. You will receive pain management to reduce the pain and discomfort

A caesarean section can be planned in advance or can happen as an emergency if a need arises after the baby starts coming Planned caesarean sections are usually done around 39 weeks of pregnancy. If you choose a planned caesarean section, there is a chance that labor may start before the planned date and you may end up having a vaginal delivery or an urgent caesarean section

Normal Delivery

In a Normal Delivery, the baby comes out of your uterus through your vagina.

The process usually occurs with as little medical interference as possible. You will feel a degree of pain and pressure as the cervix opens up to let the baby out. You may choose to receive pain management to reduce the discomfort

A vaginal birth cannot be scheduled it happens when the baby is ready to come, or can be initiated or helped along by the doctor if the baby is late. Even if you want a vaginal delivery. a caesarean section may be necessary if a need arises either for you of the baby

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