15 Traditional Wedding Outfits From Around The World

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The dress, which is one of the most anticipated elements. No matter the color, length, silhouette, or fabric, Wedding Outfits around the world are meaningful and symbolic in their own ways.

Kazakhstani Bride

In a traditional Kazakh wedding, brides typically wear a headdress known as a “Saukele” as well as a facial veil. The Saukele is usually prepared long before the girls reach the age of marriage.

Nigerian Bride

Nigeria is a big country with around 250 ethnic groups and over 500 languages. Wedding ceremonies therefore change according to region, religion and ethnic background. However, Nigerian brides often wear brightly colored wedding clothes. They also often wear a Nigerian head tie called a Gele.

China Wedding Outfits

In the Ming Dynasty, the Han wedding dress formed a more typical and mature shape, and many wedding customs continued. The wedding dress of the Ming Dynasty is considered to be the most classic and representative of traditional Chinese wedding dress.

Traditional Wedding In Ghana

Traditional weddings in Ghana are often very colorful, and each family has its own cloth pattern that features on the bride and groom’s wedding outfits.

Bulgaria Wedding Outfits

Wedding dresses in Bulgaria have a centuries-old tradition, cover the entire body of the woman up to the head. Which is then adorned with some kind of white hat with a scarf around the neck. Ensuring that the bride is modest and covered.



A bride and groom in the East African country wear traditional ceremonial wedding clothes, including dark-velvet crowns.


This Shinto bride dons a red and white kimono, as well as the traditional paper headdress, known as a tsuno-kakushi.


A bride dons the traditional wedding attire and headdress of the Palóc subgroup in Northern Hungary.


The bride wears traditional Afghan clothes, and the groom wears jami, traditional Afghan pants and shirt with a lungy, a traditional Afghan head gear. The bride’s dress is different from everyone else’s.


In Indonesia, there are several key pieces that traditionally should be present in the wedding apparel of every bride. They are lace, gold, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and leather. In this country, people love gold and gems and aren’t afraid to show off.


As in other parts of Indonesia, traditional wedding attire in Jakarta includes plenty of gold, intricate patterns, striking colors and ornate head wear.

Sri Lanka

The Kandyan bride wears a sari variation called the osariya, which is also known more generally as the Kandyan sari. Some brides also opt for the traditional Western white wedding dress.


The Filipiniana is often a two-piece dress with enormous butterfly sleeves and made with fine quality fabrics, impeccable embroidery, and vibrant colors.


The most traditiona wedding dress of pakistan is Lehenga with short kurti blouse Its beautiful styles and alluring designs have always been famous in Pakistani bridal dresses. While groom wear achkan and kameez with salwar.

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