11 Incredible Facts About Tigers

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11 Facts About Tigers

  • Tigers have striped fur and striped skin. Skin pigmentation is the cause of these stripes.
  • The tongue of a tiger is coated in sharp, tiny, thorn-like projections.

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  • When viewed from a distance, the white dots on the backs of tigers’ ears resemble eyeballs.
  • The roar of a tiger can temporarily stun or immobilize its prey.
  • Tigers and lions appear to be the same size, yet due to their muscle density, tigers can weigh up to 300 pounds more than lions.
  • They are among the world’s most spiteful creatures. Several incidents have demonstrated that they can and will exact vengeance on people who have harmed them.
  • Bears are reported to be hunted and eaten by Siberian tigers. Bear hair has been discovered in multiple tiger scat samples.
  • They prefer to be alone. They are solitary creatures who only interact briefly during breeding season.
  • A type of tiger known as the “golden tiger” is exceptionally rare. This colour variation, often known as the “golden tabby tiger” or “strawberry tiger,” is caused by a recessive gene.
  • “Tigons,” a cross between a female lion and a male tiger, exist. Underneath the lion’s golden coat, Tigons have faint tiger stripes.
  • The marks on a tiger’s forehead are quite similar to the Chinese character for king, giving them a regal standing in Chinese culture.

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