Zingiber Spectabile – Beehive Ginger

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A fleshy, creeping rhizome gives rise to clumps of erect, unbranched, green stems that can grow up to 3 meters tall on the herbaceous, perennial Beehive Ginger plant. Beehive-like flower clusters are carried on distinct, lateral branches that can reach a height of 0.5 meters. Inflorescence bracts have incurved borders and range in color from drab yellow to reddish orange. Flowers range from dull greenish yellow to pale yellow. Their lips are maroon to dark reddish brown with yellow dots. The beehive ginger plant’s leaves are primarily oblong in shape and taper to a single point at the tip. Locally, the plant is occasionally utilized as a food flavoring. It is frequently cultivated as an ornamental and prized in particular for its lovely blossoms. Native to Java, Malaysia, and the Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

Medicinal uses:  Water collected from the bracts of the if flowers is used by the Orang Aslis of the Temuan tribe (Negri Sembilan, Malaysia) to treat conjunctivitis.

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