Why Is The Female Octopus Called The Greatest Mother In The World?

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Her death clock also starts when the female octopus begins to lay eggs. Only once in a lifetime can an octopus mother become pregnant. If the water temperature is favorable, the female octopus begins depositing eggs after a pregnancy that lasts 4-5 months. The eggs emerge from their bodies one by one. Thousands of eggs are discharged during this one-month procedure. These eggs are prepared by the mother in a manner similar to how grapes are prepared in bunches.

Then Saving the eggs is a difficult task for Mom. In a cave among the rocks in the middle of the sea, she preserves these bunches of grapes. The rocks take up these flakes. Mom doesn’t leave that cave for the next six months, not even to eat.

The octopus mother may devour an animal if it approaches, but she probably won’t, likely because the animal’s remains and odor may draw large marine animals that could endanger her eggs. In addition to being watched upon, she continues to clean and circulate fresh, oxygenated water around the eggs over these six months.

The infants are now ready to hatch from their eggs

The mother octopus is now extremely weak. who previously had a crimson body but whose body has now turned dull from a lack of blood and ongoing exhaustion. There are wounds on the body, and the skin has grown loose.

The offspring inside the egg are now fully developed, capable, and powerful, and the egg’s shell is very thin. They have good swimming abilities and can hunt small kites for food. When the conditions are right, the octopus mother frees them one night by blowing them out of the cave with her trunk.

The mother octopus understands what she is doing when she releases her young. She is aware that even once she frees the kids, she will never get them back. He won’t ever have another goal in life. But observe the beautiful display of nature as the mother octopus erupts in glee and sets the kids free. The little energy left behind after going without food for months is used for this.

A few meters away from the octopus mother’s cave, the now-resting octopus mother emerges months later, offering her life. This is the reality of an octopus mother’s ultimate sacrifice.

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