Why Do Some People Remain Slim No Matter What They Eat?

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Have you ever wondered how some people manage to stay slim despite eating everything they want, while you appear to gain weight simply by breathing? It turns out that the secret to their thin figure isn’t necessarily a rigorous gym regimen, but rather a genetic anomaly! According to a study, certain people have a unique genetic coding that allows them to maintain their weight throughout their lives. Previous research has focused on the genetic influence on obesity, while this new study focuses on thinness.

It’s not only how active they are or how healthy their gut bacteria are; some people have unique genetic code that allows them to maintain their weight throughout their lives.

The rest of us may require some assistance. Although earlier research has connected genetic variants to obesity, this is the first study to look at genes associated with thinness.

And the findings show that there is a ‘thin’ mix of genes that can be passed down – or, more particularly, that obesity-related genes are absent.

“It’s simple to pass judgement on someone based on their weight, but science indicates that the situation is significantly more complicated. We have much less control over our weight than we may believe.”

The scientists were able to discover trends in the coding across the three groups by comparing DNA from 1,622 persons with a low BMI to DNA from 1,985 extremely obese people and 10,433 healthy people.

They also looked at lifestyle surveys to rule out other lifestyle issues like eating disorders that could be playing a role.

The researchers discovered that the ‘genetic risk score’ for fat persons is significantly greater than for skinny people.

To put it another way, skinny persons have fewer genetic variations that raise the risk of obesity.

The scientists discovered new variants related to obesity as well as healthy thinness, in addition to common genetic variants already associated to obesity.

The researchers discovered that 74 percent, or nearly three-quarters, of the naturally slim participants in the study had a family history of keeping thin and healthy.

The scientists want to find more genes and biological pathways that help people maintain a healthy weight in the future.

Previous research has shown that a person’s weight can be determined by a variety of factors ranging from metabolic speed and exercise to how appealing fatty meals are to them, but this new study adds to the evidence that hereditary factors play a significant influence.

The study doesn’t claim that thinness and obesity are entirely down to genetics, but it does suggest that eating burgers and chips every day will result in varied weight gains for various people – and that those on the obese end of the spectrum will be the most inclined to blame genetic variants.

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