Why Do Indians Bathe Immediately After Visiting A Funeral?

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When a person dies, their body loses its capacity to resist bacteria and begins to degrade. People who attend the funeral are exposed to the dead corpse and, as a result, the microorganisms involved in the decomposition of a dead body. That is why they are instructed to bathe promptly following the burial before touching anything or anybody.

The fact that much of India is temperate also helps to accelerate the breakdown process. Not everyone gives cooling to the body, such as sleeping on a slab of ice, to delay this process down. As a result, when the body is maintained for a day or two, some decomposition begins.

I’ve never visited a funeral crematory, but I know they’re frequently along a river. This makes the environment a little more conducive to bacterial development. There may also be scavengers surrounding the cremation grounds, which are a wonderful transporter of germs. They feed on the carcasses of deceased animals and birds in varying states of decomposition. They transport these microorganisms to the cremation site.

Last but not least, individuals are frequently in deep mourning when they are in the presence of a dead body. Nobody is worrying about mundane tasks like showering. They must begin the process of moving on when the corpse has been burned. Bathing, in my opinion, is an excellent method to do this.

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