Why do Doctors prescribe some medicines after food and some before food?

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Food interferes with absorption of many medicines. So the effective amount of drug, that enters the blood from the stomach and reached the sight of actions is altered. Depending on the mood of actions, Doctors prescribe them to the taken before or after leaves.

Most of the medicines are known to irritate the stomach or increase the asset secretion in the stamach. That leads to descomfert or pain in the stamach, chest burning,occasionally nausea and vomiting. To decrese these side effectes some are taken after food.

Most of the medicines are advised to be taken along with warm plane water. This is to avoid any possible reaction between the active compunds in the drugs and milk or curd or tea.

Sometimes the drug maybe known as not to cause any unwanted side reactions in empty stomach and may need to fully absorbed by the blood stream. In such cases, the drug is advises to be taken before food.

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