Who is Julia Pasterna? And what happened to her?

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This Mexican woman was described as having the scariest appearance in the world despite having a very soft heart at birth.

She was born in the mountains of Mexico in 1834, and from the moment of her birth, her body’s hair started to grow quite quickly. Because no one would accept him because they believed he was a monster, Julia was forced to flee the house.

Julia came into a circus owner while travelling without stopping, and he offered to hire her. Julia was referred to as a “freak” in the circus, and people began paying to see her.

Julia found the work challenging, but she had no other option. or a. That is why he performed this work. Because of Julia’s success and wealth from the circus, her manager Theodore Lent made the decision to wed her.

Many were speculating about how a person could marry a monster at the time, making it one of the most talked-about marriages ever. Even more astonishing was the fact that Julia gave birth to a typical child. Unfortunately Julia and the child both passed away 48 hours after the baby was delivered.

Julia’s misfortune persisted even after her passing since her avaricious husband chose to display her body to the public as a mummy. He displayed a half-human, half-monkey body in order to make money from the public.

This picture is of the dead Julia:

Julia’s body was repeatedly taken until being finally discovered in a trash can in 2005. Finally, almost 150 years later, Julia was buried with dignity, as a person should be buried.

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