What is the theory behind the “Exploding casket”

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Imagine if a loved one of yours passed away today.

Consider how their remains would be embalmed, lowered into a casket, and interred in a mausoleum.

Imagine going to see them years later and discovering this:

Why did this happen?

In essence, your body begins to dry when you pass away. Your body will eventually emit liquids and gases that the soil around the coffin will absorb if you are buried in the ground.

But if you’re cremated in a mausoleum, it’s a totally different matter.

In order for the bodies to dehydrate and decay, a decent mausoleum needs ventilation and drainage systems.

Also, it is because of these systems that you cannot smell decomposing bodies when visiting a mausoleum.

Yet, people can still witness the “exploding caskets” anywhere in the world.

This happens when a casket is closed too tightly, depriving the body of oxygen.

Due to the lack of an air system, the liquids and gases accumulate and eventually result in a form of explosion.

These explosions have the power to open the casket’s seal, smash it, knock the lid off, and, in the case of a very powerful blast, even displace the marble front of the crypt.

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