What is a cow-bison hybrid called?

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Cow-bison hybrid called as Beefalo.

A species cross between domestic cattle of any breed and the bison (buffalo), is what is known as beef. The goal of the species cross was to combine the exceptional attributes of the bison with the exceptional characteristics of the world’s cow breeds.

Although many people have attempted to cross the bison and cattle, a significant advancement was not made until the 1960s. The greatest traits from both species combined to create a superior animal when domestic and foreign cattle breeds were crossed with bison.

The superior hardiness, foraging prowess, ease of calving, and meat quality of the bison were mixed with the bovine’s fertility, milking prowess, and ease of handling to create the beef breed. The term “hybrid vigour” now has more meaning thanks to the cross. Because beef cattle can be more productive, earnings can increase and input expenses can be reduced.


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