What happens if you wear healed shoes/sandals?

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Long-term usage of high heels may increase the risk of calf muscle atrophy, which is a decrease of muscle mass in the calf muscles. This is due to the fact that wearing high heels can force the foot into an abnormal position, which can shorten and compress the calf muscles. This may result in the calf muscles weakening and losing mass over time.

It’s crucial to remember that occasionally wearing high heels won’t likely result in noticeable calf muscle atrophy. This condition is more frequently linked to people who wear high heels all the time or for extended periods of time.

It is advised to wear high heels sparingly and to stretch your calf muscles frequently to prevent or lower the risk of calf muscle atrophy. You can also think about wearing flats occasionally or moving from heels to flats or other comfy footwear. Also, including calf raises and stretches as part of your training routine will help you retain your muscle mass and prevent atrophy.

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