What happend to the Nyos people of Cameroon?

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The Nyos people of Cameroon were victims of a bizarre yet catastrophic natural calamity in 1986. Only a few people survived, and when they awoke, their families and livestock were’mysteriously’ dead.

A limnic eruption occurred in Lake Nyon, Cameroon, on August 21, 1986. More than a million tonnes of carbon dioxide reportedly burst from the lake’s bottom and immediately spread to settlements within 25 kilometres of the lake during this calamity.

Because carbon dioxide is heavier than air, it quickly pushes out the air, making breathing difficult for humans and their animals. 1746 villagers and 3500 livestock were killed.

Limnic eruptions are among the most infrequent but deadliest natural disasters. This phenomena can occur in only three lakes on the planet.

Limnic eruption is one of the most infrequent but lethal natural disasters.

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