What Are Escalator Brushes For?

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Escalator brushes are not actually used to clean shoes.

Whether it was in an airport, shopping center, or just in the neighborhood, many of us have used escalators before. Have you ever considered the purpose of the brushes on the side of escalators? You are aware of our situation. You’ve undoubtedly occasionally, just for fun, brushed your shoes against them. It’s interesting to note that they do have a use besides just getting dirt off your shoes.

Why do escalators have brushes?

Escalators brushes are called skirts. In fact, the escalator brushes are a security measure. Shoes, feet, loose clothing—you name it — are kept out of the gap by these skirts. They essentially act as a barrier or a warning indicator. Consider this: when you ride an escalator, you probably don’t give the safety features any thought. 

How do these brushes make Escalators safer?

Some escalators include a yellow border to warn users not to approach the edges too closely, while others do not. However, all escalators have brushes. The escalator’s gears are located at the bottom of the short space (the skirt) that separates the stairs from the sides. Bags, jackets, and even toes can become wedged in that space between the motors, preventing the escalator from operating as intended.

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