Types Of Makeup Brushes And Their Uses

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Makeup Brushes are essential for attaining a beautiful, airbrushed look that will give you the assurance you need to start the day. On the other hand, the wide variety of brushes on the market can intimidate some customers. You might not even be familiar with the names of all the Makeup brushes in a multi-pack set, let alone be able to identify their precise functions. Sure, applying foundation with your finger is a tried-and-true method, but if you want to move from being an amateur to a pro in the field of beauty, you need to arm yourself with the information to make it happen.

Tapered Foundation Brush

Precise foundation, highlight, or blush application.

Stippling Brush

Achieving an immaculate, airbrushed appearance.

Kabuki Brush

Applying body shimmer or loose powder.

Powder Brush

Applying a little layer of loose powder on your face.

Contour Brush

To achieve facial structure and sharp, pronounced cheekbones.

Silicone Blender

To evenly apply foundation and combine ingredients.

Beauty Blender

Applying concealer, highlighter, blush, and wet and dry foundation.

Fan Brush

Apply highlighter, remove cosmetic errors, and smudge dark lines.

Blush Brush

For the purpose of achieving that dewy, youthful rosiness when applying blush.

Eye Shadow Brush

Applying overall colour in broad strokes to your eyelids.

Angled Eye Shadow Brush

Used to blend and contour eye makeup.

Eye Shadow Crease Brush

To provide the appearance of depth and to dramatically contrast with your foundation lid color.

Eyeliner Brush

For applying liner to create a cat-eye or fuller lash line.

Mascara Wand or Spoolie

To coat your upper and lower lash lines in mascara.

Brow Brush

Used to groom and control brows.

Lip Liner Brush

After applying the primary lipstick or gloss, add lip liner.

Lip Brush

To precisely apply lip cosmetics such as lipstick, gloss, and others.

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