Trivial knowledge that might save your life one day:

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  1. Go to the hospital right away if your vomit resembles coffee. this indicates internal bleeding
  2. When experiencing a heart attack, chew the aspirin first before swallowing.
  3. Go to high ground right away if you’re at the beach and the water suddenly starts to recede; this indicates that a large wave is approaching.
  4. Run in a zigzag pattern if a crocodile is chasing you.
  5. Do not remove the object that was used to assault you if you were stabbed or impaled.
  6. Make eye contact with them if being threatened with a gun. They won’t feel confident in pressing the button.
  7. Keep your hands out of your pockets as you descend the stairs. Your hands would become immobile if you fell, leaving you helpless to defend yourself.
  8. The drug used in date rape, rohypnol, tastes salty and bitter.
  9. The condom has a 2 litre water capacity. If you are lost and don’t have a way to store water, you can use it.

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