Did The King-maharaja In Olden Times Also Go To The Fields For A Toilet?

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No, the civilization of India is very much developed since ancient times. You will find small rooms in old palaces which used to be toilets. Like this Bundi is the royal toilet of the Rajasthan Fort. It was used only by the royal family. This was a very convenient parent facility.

Not only this, toilets have also been found in the excavation of Indus Valley Civilization about 5000 years ago or in 3100 BC. Both flush toilets and non-flush toilets have been found in excavated toilets. Drains have also been found which were used to clear the waste.

This is a dry toilet found in the excavation. Like today, tomorrow’s sump toilets are there. It looks like a western toilet. But it was found 5000 years ago.

This is another toilet found in the Indian style.

It is known from all these discoveries that the people of India had taken care of sanitation since ancient times. Lived a well-organized life.

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