The Target Mascot: Everything You Need to Know

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Let me introduce you to Bullseye. The name is obviously appropriate given that the Target emblem is, well, a target. The Target Corporation’s official mascot, Bullseye, has appeared in numerous advertising campaigns over the years. It’s also vital to remember that little Bullseye is a “she.” There have been six different female dogs who have portrayed Bullseye so far. But we’ll talk more about that later.

History of the Target dog

Bullseye made her debut in 1999 as a bull terrier in the “Sign of the Times” advertising campaign, which was set to a rendition of Petula Clark’s “A Sign of the Times.” The dog was popular, and it makes sense why. Later that year, in response to the demand from customers for more Bullseye, the Target marketing team plastered the dog all over print, digital, and direct marketing, including using her for one of the first-ever Target Gift Card designs.

When the “See. Spot. Save” campaign featured the Target mascot, she added “value ambassador” to her list of accomplishments. This ad truly secured Bullseye’s place in American pop culture, getting invites around the country to make appearances and walk the red carpet. Fortunately, there are six canines available right now that can take over for Bullseye if necessary.

The first Bullseye “plush” hit the shelves in 1999 as a 15-inch stuffed animal but quickly shrunk into a more suitable 7-inch toy. In 2001, Target began selling an array of styles and outfits. This all became exclusively available at Target in 2004.

For all the dog lovers out there who are concerned about the animal’s welfare, we’re right behind you. But you’ll be glad to hear that Bullseye’s signature target around its eye has been created with Humane Society-approved vegetable-based paint. It’s applied by a professional makeup artist, is non-toxic to the dog, and easily wipes off.

There are hundreds of mentions of the #TargetDog on Instagram alone because to TBullseye, who has given the Target brand life. Who knows what the cherished dog will do next? Now that you are fully aware of the Target mascot, take a look at these codes hidden in commonly used brand logos.

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