The scientific reason why Indian ladies have worn toe rings since ancient times.

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Take a look at our forefathers’ outstanding work on the female sulpture at Bhuleshwar temple.
Bhuleshwar is an ancient Shiva temple built in 1230 A.D. by the Yadava ruler King Krishnadevray.

This toe ring is usually made of silver metal and worn in pairs on both feet’s second toes.
According to Ayurveda, the woman’s uterus is directly connected to the nerve on the second toe of her feet. The menstrual cycle is known to be regulated by a small pressure (due to the toe ring). It’s also thought to keep the uterus in good shape.
This ring is traditionally worn by married ladies on their second toes, whereas unmarried women wear it on their third toes. Wearing a silver toe ring on the third toe by unmarried women is claimed to help them avoid or at least lessen period pain.

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