The Ring Lady Of Herculaneum

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Particularly Herculaneum was believed to be free of any graves. However, since 1981, when archaeologists started examining the waterfront, they have discovered more than 300 victims on the shore and in boat sheds. When they were caught by the pyroclastic flow, a wall of hot air and ash that can move at up to 450 miles per hour, they were probably attempting to escape the town by boat (700 kph). They passed away quite soon after being boiled alive at temperatures of about 500 C.

The Ring Lady is one of these skeletons that is most known. About 45 years old, tall, and in good condition. She was attempting to remove two gold bracelets and two gold rings with stones, along with a large amount of other items.

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It is commonly considered that she was a wealthy woman because of her height and good health and that the gold belonged to her; yet, if that were the case, why hadn’t she escaped earlier with all the other wealthy people? She might have been tall and healthy because she grew up free but was later become a slave in a forgotten conflict, nursing for decades her desire to regain her lost rank. If so, she might have been a servant after all who returned to plunder her mistress.

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