The animal with the most powerful heart!

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Giraffes are the tallest of all animals on land. The males of this animal reach a height of five meters and the females, to a height up to 4.5 meters. Their tall constitution help them feed on leaves, twigs, shoots, and other vegetation, from a considerable height. They use their long tongues and canine teeth to strip off leaves while, their lips provide them with protection from sharp thorns.

Despite their size, giraffes move gracefully and, they can pace very fast in necessities. Usually, they sleep while standing. they have massive hearts to force the blood up, through their long neck to the brain. Giraffes, commonly, live on their own, but sometimes, they gather into loosely organized herds. Giraffes can go without water for many weeks.

Since they have such long legs, they keep their forelegs wide apart and stoop down in an awkward posture to drink water. Lions are the only animals that attack on them. In defense, giraffes kick the predator with their powerful and strong legs that may lead even to death.

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