Strange But True Facts About Raccoons

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Since they encounter few dangers, raccoons are intelligent and valuable animals that may be found throughout most of North America. Even though they are entertaining to watch, they aren’t the safest of creatures.

  • Raccoons can be found in a variety of settings, including urban areas and tropical regions. The raccoon is a native to North America. One of the greatest raccoon populations in the world is found in Toronto, Canada. Due of the abundant food supply, they prefer to live in places with a high population density.
  • Raccoons can live up to twenty years in captivity but only two to three years in the wild.
  • Because they are nocturnal, they are active at night. However, a raccoon may be seen scavenging for food during the day depending on the amount of food in a particular area.
  • A raccoon’s front paws are extremely sensitive, and being in the water makes them even more so. They have five digits on each of their front paws. By 180-degree rotating their hind paws, they can climb down trees head first.
  • Raccoons consume all food they can find, including plants and insects, in their surroundings. They catch a lot of their prey, such crayfish and frogs, out of the water.
  • Raccoons have approximately fifty different noises they use to communicate! They may hiss, purr, or growl while they are fighting over food.

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