Did you know? Your Sitting positions determines these personality traits.

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Do you sit with straight legs? separated knees? crossed ankles? leg crossings? or a figure-four leg lock? Men female readers Understand what your posture reveals about your personality and the personalities of the people you know!

Sitting Position 1: Straight Knees

Key Qualities: Honest yet Reserving, Intelligent, Rational Thinkers, Punctual, Smart Workers.

Researchers at Ohio State University found in a study that interviewers think more highly of job candidates who sit with their knees straight. They are also discovered to be someone who has confidence in their abilities. They don’t feel as insecure since they have a healthy, positive attitude about themselves.

Another sign of high confidence is sitting straight with straight knees. These people are punctual in their daily lives, bright, and sensible thinkers. They have a very low likelihood of being late for any appointment, meeting, or interview.

They are more likely to accomplish intelligent work and maintain order and cleanliness in their homes, kitchens, offices, and workspaces.

They are most likely to be seen living or working in a tidy space with everything in its proper place.

They are straightforward but quite reserved. They won’t engage in backroom conversations or gossip. Instead of making a spectacle or engaging in arguments, they would rather control their emotions or keep them to themselves.

They are able to maintain their composure under challenging circumstances, thus they don’t often lose their bearings. Their peace of mind also aids in their ability to notice any changes in the surroundings or in daily happenings.

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Sitting Position 2 : Knees Apart

Key Qualities : Self-centered, haughty, judgmental, with a short attention span and a tendency to grow bored easily.

One observation about people who sit with their knees apart is that they give off a self-centered air. Additionally, they seem haughty and critical. Studies, however, have shown the exact opposite of what first appears to be true. You are most likely a person who worries and feels anxious. You have such high standards for yourself that you live in continual worry of things going wrong.

According to studies, those who sit with their knees apart have an extremely disorganised schedule and thinking. They struggle to focus and have a limited attention span. They can’t adequately do one work at a time since they are constantly exploring and enthralled by anything new.

They believe they are speaking with wisdom, although their ideas are frequently flawed. They speak without considering the effects of their words, or worse, they forget mid-conversation.

They are easily bored. Additionally, they might lose interest and end a relationship. These people require an excessive amount of exciting energy. Wherever they may be, whether in relationships or at business, they need regular prodding and discipline to make them operate efficiently.

Men typically sit with their knees spread, or manspreading, but in psychology these are typically viewed as man children who require continual mothering or someone to keep them on track. Also read- 10 Biological Life Hacks that Actually Work

Sitting Position 3 : crossed legs

Key Qualities : Creative, imaginative, dreamy, closed-off, or defensive.

A creative person? Do you frequently wake up in the middle of a dream? You must always cross your legs when you are seated. Right? According to studies, people who frequently sit with their legs crossed tend to generate an abundance of original, creative thoughts. Your thinking is quite creative. You dream a lot, actually. When seated with others, it’s easy to lose your stream of thinking. Although you typically have a large personality, you are not very likely to dominate the room.

On the other hand, crossing your legs when sitting conveys a protective or closed-off attitude. You can feel defensive and unwilling or unable to open out to someone.

However, sitting with your legs crossed can also give off a protective or closed-off vibe. You can be defensive and unable or unwilling to let someone into your life. Either you are afraid or you are disguising your fears.

However, there are modifications to these poses that might provide a precise indication of whether a person is at ease or afraid while seated with their legs crossed. You can tell you’re comfortable and enjoying the discussion if you’re sitting comfortably in your chair with your legs crossed and one foot pointing in the direction of the person across from you.

In contrast, if you are hunched over or fidgeting while having your legs crossed securely, you are probably uncomfortable. Your thoughts must be entirely elsewhere at that time.

Crossing your legs when chatting to someone is considered indifferent, especially if your foot is pointing out the door or away from them. According to experts, people who are seated with their legs crossed in a professional context are more likely to reject ideas, talk less, or even get unfocused. Even worse, if you additionally cross your arms, it is obvious that you are withdrawing from the discourse. Also read- Why should we avoid standing or walking along plain grounds during lightening?

Sitting Position 4:  Ankle-Crossed

Key Qualities : Confident, Regal, Upright, Elegant, Refined, Down to Earth, Ambitious, Defensive

Did you know that the British Royal family frequently sits with their ankles crossed? Sitting with your ankles crossed demonstrates a majestic and queenly manner of life. You exude grace, refinement, and simplicity. You might come out as very assured and at ease in any circumstance. You don’t often show signs of panic and you don’t mind if things take their time. In reality, you have the power to instill confidence in those around you as well.

To accomplish your goals, you’ll put in a lot of effort and never give up. Your drive is infectious. You firmly believe that your labor of love will bear fruit.

You listen well and respect everyone’s privacy. You won’t, however, divulge your plans for the future to anyone. In terms of your personal concerns, you are rather pompous.

You also have a propensity to be somewhat self-conscious. You would keep your outward appearance appropriate for the situation. You have a polished way of hiding your discomfort or fears.

In other instances, sitting with your ankles crossed is also a sign of defensiveness and fears, according to behavioral specialists and psychologists. For instance, studies in the military forces, law enforcement, and similar disciplines have revealed that a majority of those who cross their legs during questioning exhibit a high incidence of information withholding. Also read- Know more about Menstrual Cycle

Sitting Position 5 : Leg Lock

Key qualities : Confident, Dominating, Youthful, Secure, Content, Argumentative, Competitive

When you are sitting in the figure-four leg lock posture, your legs should be crossed with one ankle over the other knee. If you sit with your legs locked in the figure-four position, it shows that you are self-assured and in charge. These days, it is getting more common among female persons. In contrast, those who sit with their legs crossed in a figure four are considered to be more dominant, at ease, self-assured, and youthful than those who do not. You feel assured and satisfied with who you are. You will devote your thoughts and energies to achieving your goals on your own, even if you feel that there is anything lacking.

Your legs should be crossed with the ankle of one leg over the knee of the other when you are seated in the figure-four leg lock position. Sitting with your legs locked in the figure-four stance demonstrates confidence and control. It is becoming increasingly prevalent among women these days. On the other hand, persons who sit with their legs crossed in a figure four are seen as more youthful, confident, and dominant than those who do not. You are confident in and content with who you are. Even if you believe something is missing, you will focus all of your thoughts and efforts on attaining your goals alone.

They also have a strong tendency to dress nicely and present themselves effectively. However, they also have a combative or argumentative attitude, and they are most prone to reject any viewpoint that differs from their own.

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