Scariest coincidence’s that were recorded

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They claim that history repeats itself.

Can history really repeat itself with such accuracy?

157 years separated the two murders.

Those were Barbara Forrest and Mary Ashford’s murders.

They were both born on the same day, at the age of 20.

On May 27, they both planned to go dancing, although they were 157 years apart.

Both had dressed up, were heading to a dance, and were meeting a friend there.

And both had admitted to others that they would experience dread in the days before they died.

In a park, both were discovered dead and battered. the same location.

In 1974, Barbara Forrest was discovered here.

Both murder suspects had Thornton last names.

And in both instances, despite being accused of murder, the suspects were cleared due to a lack of evidence.

And both of these instances are still open to this day.

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