Rarely known facts about temples in India

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Nobody knows where the water comes from and does the Abhishek of Lord Shiv!

There is an ancient temple more than 1000 years old in documented history and is situated alongside the Sabarmati river of Gujarat’s Sabarkantha Dist.

Sapteshwar Mahadev”

The reason for the name Sapteshwar is because it honours seven rishis who practised sadhana, upasna, and bhakti at this temple: Kashyap, Vrat, Vishwamitra, Bharadwaj, Atri, Jamdagni, and Gautam. As a result, Sapteshwar Mahadev.

These seven streams of water have been performing Shiv Ling Abhishek for more than a thousand years, continuously flowing from an unknown base through the rocks.

Whether it was summer, winter, rain, or fall, these seven streams of water have never stopped throughout the temple’s documented history.

To determine the origin of the water streams, certain national and international scientists have conducted extensive investigation, but nothing has yet been discovered.

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