Rana Sanga: Fierce Rajput Legend Who Defeated Every Invader From Mughals To Sultanates Of Gujrat & Malwa

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Maharana Sangram Singh was a fearsome Rajput ruler noted for his toughness and fearlessness. The king was born on April 12, 1482, and belonged to the Rajput Sisodiya clan.

Maharana Sangram Singh, also known as Rana Sanga, was the son of Rana Raimal and the grandson of Rana Kumbha. ‚Äč

After a succession fight with his brothers, he became King of Mewar in 1508, and reigned until 1528.

He was the last emperor of mediaeval India who stood, unified various Rajput territories, and resisted foreign invaders despite losing an arm, an eye, and over 80 wounds.

In 1518, it was fought against Ibrahim Lodi. Both armies collided at the town of Khatoli on the Haravati border (Haraoti). After five hours of battling, the Sultan’s army gave up and departed the battlefield. Rana Sanga kidnapped a Lodi prince and held him captive for a few days before releasing him once a ransom was paid. During this combat, the Maharana lost one arm to a sword cut, and an arrow rendered him permanently crippled.

Mewar reached its height of wealth under his reign, and he cultivated and safeguarded his environment from Muslim kings of Delhi, Gujarat, and Malwa.

Khanwa’s Battle
After the Engagement of Panipat, it was the second significant battle fought in modern-day India. Rana gathered the Rajputs and battled the Mughal Emperor Babur’s invading army. The battle was fierce, but the Rajputs ultimately lost.

Maharana Sangram Singh died on January 30, 1528, not long after. Some of his own leaders are thought to have poisoned him because they thought his preparations to continue the war with Babur were suicidal.

Despite the fact that he lost the war to Babur, his persistence and bravery inspired many future rulers, notably Rana Pratap.

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